Community Learning Center for Changing Livelihood (CHELI)

Community Learning Centre for Changing Livelihood (CHELI) Project supported by All We Can is running in 25 VDCs and 2 Municipalities in Gorkha.  Goal of the project is to improve livelihood of ...Read More

Inspiring Young People Nepal

Inspiring Young People Nepal Project is being implemented in 2 VDCs Masel and Baguwa in Gorkha with the funding support of Chance for Change (C4C).  Project activities are carried out in 3 schools, ...Read More

Family Literacy

Family Literacy/Developing Capacities for Strengthening Literacy and Lifelong Learning in Nepal Programme. In 2013, ERDCN developed 16 titles of family literacy materials with ...Read More

Material Development Project

Nepal faced mega-earthquake (7.6 magnitude) on April 25, 2015 including Dozens of aftershocks including a 6.7 magnitude earthquake on 12 May, 2015 and these devastating natural ...Read More

Thanks to ALL WE CAN and ERDCN team for providing this opportunity

Laxmi Khanal Mirkot, Gorkha

We (Mirkot Jana Jagriti Community Learning Centre/CLC) are rewarded by Education Minister of..Read More

Leadership of youth in club

Srijana Bastakoti Masel, Gorkha

Srijana Bastakoti is a resident of Masel VDC. She is 19 years young and energetic president of the Devisthan Change Youth Club...Read More

Monitoring visit to CHELI PILOT PROJECT in Gorkha

Post By: Amrita, ERDCN | Date: 26 May 2017

A team of ERDCN Executive Committee and ERDCN Central Staff visited CHELI Project, Gorkha to monitor the program activities on 26 May 2017. During visit, team ... Read More

Training on “Good Governance, Citizen’s Rights and Women’s Participation in Local Level Planning”

Post By: Amrita, ERDCN | Date: November 25, 2016

Training on “Good Governance, Citizen’s Rights and Women’s Participation in Local Level Planning” held at Dhuwankot CLC, Gorkha on October Read More

Field Visit to Community Learning Center Gorkha

0900 - 1600 , 18 October 2017

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